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This section is reserved for photograph of various events arranged by the Institute of Planners Pakistan from time to time. It is updated on regular basis.

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Jobs Online

This section contains the links of well-known websites offering jobs in Pakistan using ‘e-recruitment criteria’ - which is  the most powerful and cost effective way to recruit staff.

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Aims & Objectives

This section enlists the aims, goals, and objectives of the Institute of Planners Pakistan. The ultimate aim of the institute is to maintain a sense of community.

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Patron-In-Chief's Message for IPP Members

I am very optimistic about the future of IPP. IPP is going to grow and achieve its stated objectives if the fraternity of planners participates in its affairs holistically and adheres to the professional ethics. In the otherwise case, I am afraid that like the previous two Institutes it is also going to go into dormancy.

I would like to render the following two advises to the IPP Members:

  • IPP is a professional rather than political organization. Please follow the professional code of conduct rather than turning IPP into a battle field of politics. By making IPP strong, you will be helping your own future prospects and those of planning community at large.
  • In order to be successful in your professional/personal life, following three steps are imperative:
  • Try to have the highest possible pragmatic dreams while awake - If planners would not dream, who would?
  • Work for the effectuation of these dreams. Remember that nothing succeeds like hard work; and
  • Work continuously for the sustenance of the effectuated dreams; and for their further innovative development.
Dr. Anis-ur-Rahmaan

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